Emily Knit Top Tutorial

Emily Knit Top Pattern

The Emily Knit Top is our free pattern of the month for July 2014. You get it free with every order – but only in July 2014. You just need to let us know what size you’d like in the comments box when you order. It would be a very a simple make if it… read more

Summer Dress Patterns – A few of our Favourites

Style Arc Summer Dress Patterns

While we’re in the depths of Melbourne’s winter, a lot of girls (mostly from the other hemisphere!) have been asking for tips for summer dress patterns. To get you started, I thought I’d show you a few of my favourites for beach holidays or lazy days by the pool. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help me escape winter for… read more

Evening Dress Patterns, a Necessity

Style Arc's Alisha Dress Pattern

There’s something special about things that sparkle and shine, flow and move. These are the things bring that bring richness and warmth into our lives. We have all opted to set aside one (at least!) outfit for those special occasions that call for pretty things to be flaunted. Simply knowing you have a beautiful, special and expensive… read more

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Easy Sewing Projects - Style Arc's Bella Wrap

Every day women (and men!) take up the time honored pursuit of sewing. With the steady beat of the sewing machine, the fabric softly slipping under fingertips and endless fashion possibilities, what is there not to love? Sadly many give the pastime up because it becomes more of a frustration than a relaxation, a burden instead… read more

Harem Pants Patterns – Standing the Test of Time

Style Arc's Hayley Harem Pants Pattern

For nearly two centuries harem pants remained mainly in the Middle East and I Dream of Jeanie episodes. Even today many people would not know what you are referring to if you mention “harem pants”, however they might know what “hammer pants” or “happy pants” are. Seldom seen in the last twenty years, harem pants… read more

The Versatile Wrap Skirt Pattern

Shelly Skirt - Style Arc Wrap Skirt Pattern

Nothing adds more sophisticated flirt to your wardrobe than a pretty, flowing wrap skirt. It is a versatile pattern as it can serve any season by simply choosing the right fabric. Simple versions of this skirt are notorious for coming undone at the most inopportune times. This may leave you tempted to pass on such… read more

Pencil Skirts, Picking the Best Pattern for Your Body

Style Arc's Zoe Pencil Skirt Pattern

Sleek yet fun; classic yet modern; stylish in all the right ways; it is the pencil skirt. Ubiquitous in the 1950’s this skirt has it all. The beautiful thing about the pencil skirt is that it looks good on nearly every body type; the catch is picking the right cut. Sewing your own skirt will… read more

Fun in the Sun with Sundress Patterns

Lazy Daisy Sundress Sewing Pattern - Style Arc

Since the 1960’s when long hair, bare feet and tassels ruled fashion, sundresses have been a staple in closets all across the world. These days you don’t have to be a hippie to like and wear sundresses. From the beach to a garden party, the movies to a dinner date, sundresses can be appropriate for… read more

Sewing Patterns – New for Sewvember

New sewing patterns from Style Arc - November 2013

Can you feel the excitement? The electricity in the air? IT’S SEWVEMBER! We’ve got three new sewing patterns available for Sewvember 2013. A biker jacket, a skirt which ties in with the jacket and an easy-fit narrow leg pant as our free pattern of the month. We thought it might be fun to take you through a… read more

A Line Skirt Pattern Reflections

The A Line Skirt is back. It's a hot 2013 trend!

The A Line skirt pattern has featured a few times in Style Arc’s range. Put simply, an A Line skirt is narrow at the waist, skims the hips and is full at the hem – just like the letter “A”. The magic of an A Line skirt is that it flatters a number of body… read more